Concrete Tool Repair Projects: Innovatec 2400 Floor Grinder

August 24, 2016
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As one of the few tool repair shops that specialize in fixing broken concrete tools, we often see the machinery that someone tried to repair themselves. When one of these tools comes into our repair shop, sometimes it’s obvious what the problem is and other times it’s like this experience with the Innovatec 2400 Floor Grinder. A customer from Portland, Oregon brought their concrete grinder in because it would not turn on after they had an electrical short. They first attempted to fix it and then brought it to us.

The first step I took was to apply power to the machine to verify the problem. I followed up running tests and verified power was coming into the machine. Upon doing this, we got a code on the machine.

I looked up the code. It was a fault for the line power supply being too low. There are only two things that could initiate that code and they both work hand in hand. To be thorough, I also checked the switches up on the handle to verify they were in good condition.

After talking with the customer, he approved the replacement of the grinder’s transformer first and go from there. After I replaced the transformer, the problem still occurred. Dang it! I called the customer again and reported that the transformer did not fix it. A power inverter was needed.

After installing the new power inverter, the concrete grinder would turn on but only if you mess with the transformer. This was very odd. I called customer once again and asked for photos of the old contactor that they replaced themselves. After comparing it to the new one they installed, I found that it was the wrong one! I ordered in correct contactor and installed it. Now the concrete grinder was fixed and ready to be back in action.

At Concrete Tool Repair, we are your mechanic's mechanic. The challenge of repairing broken industrial tools and making them perform at their best is what gets us excited to come to work every morning. Go ahead and try to repair your concrete tools yourself. If it’s not performing the way it should, we will be here for you!


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