October 18, 2016
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Industrial Vacuums are an essential tool for concrete grinding and resurfacing. Without a powerful vacuum system, you put your concrete grinding and polishing technicians at an elevated risk of dust inhalation. In addition to your facility becoming a filthy, dusty mess.

Concrete Tool Repair services industrial vacuums for all major manufacturers and many of the lesser known brands too. This particular vacuum repair job was for a Ruwac Attic Vac.

When I received this vacuum, I noticed there had to have been an electrical short at the contactors inside the distribution box. I simply removed the contactors and did a continuity test on both contactors. When removing contactors, the wires were loose! So I proceed forward with cleaning up the contactors and re-installed them.

The old plug was in bad shape along with the cord. To say Concrete Technicians are hard on their equipment is an understatement. I installed a new machine cord and plug. I plugged the machine in and tested it. All 3 electric motors come on as they should and the vacuum had great suction. This was a quick fix and we were able to get this vacuum back to its job site within a day.

As a Concrete Tool Repair Technician, you wish all industrial vacuum repair jobs were this easy. Let me assure you, they are not. Luckily, this was a quick fix and our Portland contractor was able to get back to work on their job site enhancing their client’s concrete.

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