At CTR, we love to solve problems. Each tool that comes into our Portland, Oregon-based repair shop has a unique story. Acting as corner, we investigate what caused the tool to fail. Gaining an introspective understanding of how all the components work with each other, we can better diagnose and repair problems that currently plague your tools and help you anticipate the service and/or maintenance you will need to avoid similar issues in the future. This blog takes you along side us (Richard and Dan Baughman) as we repair, service, and troubleshoot the concrete tools that come into our shop.

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    October 18, 2016

    1 2 IT’S TIME TO GET A NEW PLUGIndustrial Vacuums are an essential tool for concrete grinding and resurfacing. Without a powerful vacuum system, you put your concrete grinding and polishing technicians at an elevated risk of dust inhalation. In addition to your facility becoming a filthy, dusty mess. Concrete Tool Repair services industrial vacuums for all major manufacturers and many of the […]

  • concrete-tool-repair-projects_innovatec-2400-floor-grinder_header
    August 24, 2016

    1 2 VOLTAGE ISSUESAs one of the few tool repair shops that specialize in fixing broken concrete tools, we often see the machinery that someone tried to repair themselves. When one of these tools comes into our repair shop, sometimes it’s obvious what the problem is and other times it’s like this experience with the Innovatec 2400 Floor Grinder. A customer from Portland, […]

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